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As a Southport based local business, you really should be thinking about increasing your online presence through digital marketing. However, SEO is not the answer to all your traffic needs, you really need to be combining your digital marketing efforts utilising a range of different services such as pay per click (ppc), social media, conversion rate optimisation (cro) & website design. Luckily we can help you with these for a fantastic price

We are a local Gold Coast seo company ourselves and have been helping small business in the Southport area grow and expand via a digital presence. All our work is done on-site in our office and we pride ourselves on getting real results. We won’t lock you into any contracts, therefore we must produce results for you. Therefore our Southport SEO services are for you!

What Are The Secrets of Getting Organic Rankings?

You will hear a million different things about how to rank a page on Google. Every SEO company claims they have their own “secret method” to rank a site, but most just perform basic on-page work, get a bunch of free directory/citation links and leave the site to run whilst you continuously empty your pockets. You will be suppled with unlimited vanity metrics and “proof” that the SEO is working.

Good SEO really can be broken up into the following points:

  • Solid On-Page Work
  • Great & Relevant Content
  • Off-Page Strategies
  • Technical SEO Work

The big issue however is, not many people in the SEO industry can perfect all of the areas.

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We are more than happy to share with you some of our case studies and have a proper discussion about your business so we can get the most out of it. Simply fill in the form below and one of our in-house strategists will call you.

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How do I Know if an SEO Campaign is Going Well?

I’m sure you have been promised the world before, your expectations start high and you begin planning for the future influx of new customers, only for the opposite to happen. Instead of new customers, you are just left twiddling your thumbs while your SEO agency keeps telling you just how well it is all going. But if it was going well, would you really be in that situation?
Let us go over what should be happening and what you can expect from a professionally run SEO campaign.

Your Brand Awareness Should be Improving

Don’t be fooled, your brand should always be the top ranking keyword you have. Don’t let other agencies talk to you about how they ranked your brand name like it was an additional feature, this should be happening automatically as more people visit your site. Guarantees of first page rankings normally come with branded terms for this exact reason. A correct SEO campaign with a healthy mixture of long tail keywords, medium tail and short tail should not only be increasing your traffic over time, but absolutely be improving your brand awareness as well.

Your Competitors Should be Looking at Your & Wondering What Happened?

A good SEO campaign should start producing results that your competitors dream of. You need to leave them in the dust, confused as to why they are suddenly dropping down the first page of Google and you are racing ahead. There are a lot of factors to take into play when trying to outrank a competitor and that’s why it is vital to see what there digital marketing strategies consist of. Proper competitor analysis can produce great opportunities to clear your competition and move your way up the ladder.

Your Google Impressions Should be Increasing

What’s the point of doing all this work if your online presence is not even growing with google? Using Search Console (Webmaster Tools) you can see how your campaign is progressing with the impressions and clicks moving up. If the impressions & clicks are going up but the sales/conversions are not, then you most likely have a conversion problem with the website and no amount of SEO will help if you can’t convert the existing traffic.

The Long Term Impact

The long term impact of SEO should be simple, more traffic + more presence = more business. There is never nothing to do in the SEO world as new opportunities present themselves all the time. Once certain keywords start to rank, they will bring up more undiscovered keywords that can be worked on. This process keeps repeating and you should be seeing a large increase of traffic, leads and customers for the the long term.

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We get it, this is not your first SEO attempt and you are skeptical about the service and industry as a whole. That’s why we offer a pretty unique service when it comes to SEO.

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Some Fun Southport Facts

Southport is the CBD of the Gold Coast and boasts some amazing attractions especially across the Broadwater. There are over 8000 businesses in Southport with the majority being in healthcare and social assistance. Southport also contains the Australia Fair Shopping center and our own China Town full of great food.

  • 20% of Southport residents hold a bachelor degree level of education or higher
  • 51% of people work full time
  • 15% of Southport locals either don’t use the internet or have no access to it
  • 33% of Southport residents are married