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The Start of Your AdWords Campaign

Let’s start by analysing your industry and performing keyword research to combine a strong combination of competitor analysis and keyword research. We will need to see what kind of average cost per click we are looking at and discuss a budget with you.


Our Adwords Campaign Goes Live

Once our keywords are sorted and the budget acceptable, we can start constructing our ads and making the campaigns go live. From here we will be able to see pretty quickly what kinds of ROI you will be expecting.


We Monitor and Make Changes

Now the campaign is all live and sorted, we need to closely monitor it. We can promote the best performing ads with more budget whilst taking it away from the lesser performing ads. With this fine tuning your ad account will be pumping out the best possible ROI it can.


About Us

We are a group of experienced digital marketers that have worked in some of the biggest agencies in Australia. With years of PPC & SEO knowledge, be sure we will work to our very best ability to ensure you have a positive ROI (Return on Investment). 

Drive Website Visitors

Explode your sales and leads with targeted visitors via Google Ads. People who are clicking on Google Ads are normally in “hunt mode” seeking the exact service/item you are providing. Don’t let this traffic slip through to your competitors. A powerful Ads campaign can completely turn a business around.

Increase Your Sales

Capture those leads from Google Ads and start to see your sales rise. Google shopping is a huge revenue raiser and you are sure to see a great return on investment 


AdWords By the Numbers

Starting in the year 2000, Google AdWords has become an absolute global powerhouse with advertising on all search queries within Google. The market is dictated by the maximum cost per click you are willing to pay per industry which can often price the smaller businesses out of contention. This is why you need an experienced Google AdWords technician to set up a profitable campaign. Here are some Google Ads stats:

$Billion in Revenue For Google Each Year

of Google's Revenue is From Ads

Search Share is Owned by Google

The Average Return For Each Business For Every $1 Spent

So Why Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is one of the most competitive tools for brand awareness and online advertising available to you. This advertising platform is well known to increase website traffic, online purchases, in-store visits and leads. Here are some interesting statistics to show why Google Ads work so well.

  • 50% of people who click on ads are most likely to make a puchase
  • Google processes over 63 000 searches per second
  • 73% of the paid search market is domninated by Google
  • 65% of small to medium sizes businesses have a PPC Campaign
  • 355 of users will purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it


Why Use Google Ads For Mobile?

In this day and age you must approach digital marketing from a multi source approach. No longer can you soley rely on SEO, PPC, Email marketing or other. You must be combining these services into your digital marketing strategy. Here are some valuable points about Google Adwords:


  • Users typically spend 5+hrs a day on their smartphones
  • Google owns 95% of the mobile ad space
  • 64% of mobile searches happen on Google
  • 40% of all online transactions happen on mobile
  • Mobile ad campaigns are up to 5x more effective than basic online ads

Why Advertise With the Google Display Network?

The Google display network is quite different to the search network. This form of ad network allows your company to access a huge array of online shoppers. It can be a lethal ad strategy when it comes to remarketing.

Here are some statistics for the Display Network


  • 90% of online consumers will see an ad on the Google Display Network
  • 8 different types of banner ads are available on the display network
  • Over 2 million websites make up Google’s display network
  • 55% of online companies utilise display ads
  • the average CTR of display ads is 35%